Worship Committee

Chairman: J. Wilkinson

Worship Committee:

The theme of this committee is “Celebrating being Called”. The responsibilities of this committee include coordinating, encouraging, and administering worship within our church. The members of this committee are to insure the care of children not included in the general worship services of the church. This committee shall work with the ministerial staff in providing special services of worship and/or in enhancing the regular worship services. This committee shall also help plan evangelistic training and services to reach those who have not accepted Christ as Savior. They shall oversee the decorating of the auditorium for special and regular worship services of the church and help facilitate worship by welcoming guests during Bible Study and church services, and by providing ushers to collect the offering. They will oversee public relations for the church as a whole. This committee shall be empowered to nominate sub-committees and/or appoint task forces in the accomplishing of its purpose and responsibilities. Any full-time ministerial staff with “Worship” as part of his/her responsibilities shall serve as a non-voting member of this committee.

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