Missions & Serving Hands

Chairman: N. Pena

Missions & Education Committee

The theme of this committee is “Educating the Called”. The responsibilities of this committee shall include enhancing, encouraging, and administering the study of the Bible by all the members of the church and administering missions within and without the church. The members of this committee shall recommend persons qualified and willing to teach the Bible or any other person it deems necessary for proper teaching and training of church members including age specific church programs designed for the spiritual, emotional, and social enrichment of those involved. They will oversee the planning of Vacation Bible School and/or similar summer programs. This committee shall oversee the operations of the Media Center and the keeping of the church’s history. This committee shall oversee church programs designed to minister to the needs of our neighborhood or community and work with the pastor(s) and staff in the planning of Mission Trips. This committee shall be empowered to nominate sub-committees and/or appoint task forces in the accomplishing of its purpose and responsibilities.

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